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Meet our Leadership Team

Michael Tierney

Advisor + Board Member

Michael Tierney is the President and CEO of the Community Bankers of Michigan. The Community Bankers of Michigan represents over 90% of the community banks headquartered in Michigan and over 100 companies that work with community banks.

Tierney brings decades of broad banking experience to the position, along with extensive leadership capabilities in business, civic and legislative matters and relationships with regulators, political officials and many bank CEOs and associate members of the CBM. Tierney has held executive roles at Comerica Bank, Chase, Peoples State Bank, Flagstar Bank and Blue Water Financial. Tierney was the CEO of Flagstar, Blue Water and PSB.

He graduated with honors from Central Michigan University and received his MBA from the University of Detroit. He has remained active with Central Michigan University and has served as president-elect of the CMU Alumni Association and also a past Chairman and current member of the CMU Development Board. Tierney has served on numerous non-profit boards and banking industry related boards.

Michael Tierney