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Credit Support

We can help you manage the entire credit administration process as a value-add service provider for community banks, reducing the time, training and expense of procuring skilled staff and needed technology in a highly competitive market environment.

Supported with seasoned staff + leading tech.

Full service co-sourced credit administration function for community banks offering a broad suite of “hands on” services. Services may be engaged individually or as a group.

Commercial Underwriting Package

Offer a full commercial loan underwriting suite, including loan presentation preparation, financial statement spreading and analysis, collateral and guarantor review. The loan presentation can be tailored to the loan size request and complexity of the transaction. The analysis will include all items needed to support regulatory review and risk rating.

Watch List Management + Special Asset Assistance

Prepare action plans or workout protocols to assist in the management of troubled assets requiring rehabilitation or liquidation. Ensure appropriate financial analysis and documentation is completed to support TDR status or specific reserve requirements for the ALLL.

Construction Lending Support

Oversight of progress monitoring and draw process.

Commercial Loan Assistance + Processing

Seamlessly assist with ordering and tracking appraisals, environmental reports, title work, legal documents, as well as typing and documenting commercial loans per the prospective Bank’s loan approval forms.

Commercial Loan Policy + Risk Rating Training

Update the Bank’s Loan Policy to implement the MCC loan grading system and train Bank staff to effectively utilize the risk grading system.


Underwriting expertise, portfolio administration and secondary market guarantee sales to augment noninterest income sources if needed.

ABL Audit Assistance

Conduit between the client Bank and auditor to ensure accuracy and callout red flags.

Annual Review + Commercial Loans

Underwrite the Bank’s legacy loans and perform annual loan reviews to support ALLL levels and overall early deterioration detection or risk mitigation of certain segments of the loan portfolio such as hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, etc.

Appraisal Review

Review appraisals per regulatory requirements for consistency, utilizing appropriate methods to support collateral valuations for new loans and/or during an annual review, etc.

CECL Assistance

Review of the appropriateness of the Bank’s internal analysis and financial impact.

Credit Analyst Training + Commercial Lender Development

Train your next round of Commercial Lenders or in-house credit personnel.

Mackinac Credit + Compliance are community banking professionals.

Effective, Secure, Knowledgeable

For over 30 years, our leadership has learned, developed, and optimized best practices for community banking. Having built organizations from the ground up through both organic initiatives and full bank acquisitions of other financial institutions, we can help you navigate the industry challenges to move your company forward one step at a time. Everything from CAMELS help, credit and compliance services, risk mitigation processes, and diligence for growth through mergers and acquisitions — we are here to assist community banks into a new generation to tackle the unique challenges in front of the industry to drive high level operating performance for increased shareholder value creation.

We’ve been in your shoes, and are here to help you thrive.